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Root canal therapy, or “root canal” as it is more commonly referred to, is a procedure to repair teeth when the roots have become infected. We perform root canals in order to save a badly decayed or infected tooth. If gone untreated, a root canal infection can spread to other areas of the face, neck or head. An infection in the root of a tooth is a serious infection and should not be taken lightly. At Mark D. Orenshein DDS we are experienced in performing root canals on anterior, premolar and molar teeth. If you are experiencing sensitivity or pain when your teeth are exposed to hot and/or cold temperatures, you see discoloration in your tooth, or swelling and sensitivity in your gums, these are all signs that you may need a root canal and you should get to our Chelsea Piers dental office as soon as possible.

Root Canal Infections 10011
Root Canal Infections 10011

Despite the seriousness of an infection in the tooth, it is no longer necessary to fear a root canal. It is a procedure that we here at the dental office of Dr. Mark D. Orenshein have had expertise in for many years. At our Chelsea Piers dental office, we use only the latest technology when performing root canals. It is this technology, and the dedication and care of our well trained staff that ensures the success of your root canal, and helps to make the procedure go smoothly and with as much comfort as possible.

If you’re wondering what causes damage to a nerve that would lead to a root canal, it can be anything from neglect of the teeth due to improper dental hygiene and care, to cracks or chips in a tooth, or a severe trauma to the face. The important thing to remember is that when you start feeling pain and discomfort within the gums, it’s time to schedule a visit to see a dentist. The most important thing to us at our Chelsea Piers dental office is the care of your teeth and gums. We’re available to for appointments Monday through Thursday from 9am to 5pm.

Remember, if you’re experiencing tooth and gum pain, don’t wait, schedule an appointment with us at Dr. Mark D. Orenshein. Infection of any kind is serious and should not be ignored.

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