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Gum Disease in Chelsea

Dentist office Chelsea
Dentist office Chelsea

Taking care of your health should be a priority, and there are so many choices that we make every day that have an impact on our overall well being. One of the most important things people should remember is to get routine checkups and exams. This is a great way to both prevent and catch disease in its earlier stages. That is especially the case when it comes to dental concerns such as gum disease. Here at our dentist office in Chelsea, Mark D. Orenshein DDS can provide you and your family with the comprehensive dental care you need, whether you are overdue for a dental exam or show early signs of gum disease.

Mark D. Orenshein DDS has been serving the Chelsea area for many years and has been providing its residents with compassionate and expert dental care. Dr. Orenshein can provide patients with a wide range of services including cosmetic and family dentistry for the whole family as well as procedures in all phases of dentistry including crowns and bridges, invisalign, root canals and periodontal treatment as well. One aspect of dental health that often goes overlooked is gum health, but gums are just as important as teeth when it comes to oral hygiene. If you notice that your gums are sensitive, red or inflamed, and bleed often (including when you brush your teeth) then you may have gingivitis. Gingivitis is the early stage of periodontal disease, and it is important that it is treated as quickly as possible. Gum disease can spread and worsen quickly, and it can eventually lead to tooth loss, tissue loss, and eventually bone loss. Here at our dentist office in Chelsea, Dr. Orenshein looks for signs of gum disease during every checkup and can provide periodontal care if needed.

Gum disease in its earlier stages can often be helped with professional cleanings, but Mark D. Orenshein DDS can also perform procedures like periodontal scaling and root planing as well. If you need gum treatment, all you have to do is visit our dentist office in Chelsea.

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