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Root Canal in Chelsea

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Root canal in Chelsea
Root canal in Chelsea

Toothaches are often linked to cavities, but a toothache may also indicate the presence of an infected root canal. Root canal infections can be painful, but they can also cause the loss of a tooth if they are not treated right away. If you need treatment for a root canal in Chelsea or would like to learn more about the symptoms, causes and treatment options for this condition, then our specialist Mark D. Orenshein DDS can help.

Root canals share some of the same symptoms as cavities. Toothaches may develop or occur when eating or drinking, specifically hot or cold foods, or when open air hits the affected tooth. Root canal infections tend to have a more lasting and persistent pain than cavities do, but not always. Like cavities, root canals can sometimes go unnoticed, but many people with infections experience a sharp or throbbing pain because the nerve ending in their tooth is inflamed. Because of this reason, root canals tend to be more painful than your average cavity. A root canal infection should be treated as soon as possible, and the first treatment used to care for this condition is root canal therapy. Mark D. Orenshein DDS can treat a root canal in Chelsea, first considering root canal therapy which aims to eliminate diseased tissue and tooth mass. If root canal therapy is ineffective, there are other procedures that can be implemented instead, such as root end resections or apicoectomies.

It’s important that root canals are treated quickly, otherwise you may end up losing your entire tooth or the infection can spread. The sooner you have a root canal treated, the better. If you have a root canal in Chelsea, then please visit us here at the offices of Mark D. Orenshein DDS.

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