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A severe toothache is a lot more than a pain in the neck, it can be a sign that you need to have a root canal. If you have a toothache that just won’t quit, especially if it’s marked by darker discolorations than the rest of your teeth, you should book an appointment with your Stuyvesant Town dentist, Dr. Mark Orenshein as soon as possible. Painful and discolored teeth are often the signs of serious infection located deep within the nerves and pulp of your tooth.

An infection of your innermost regions of the tooth occurs for a multitude of different reasons. Though trauma to the face can lead to a chip or cracked tooth, allowing a space for bacteria and infection to slip through, the most likely cause is tooth decay. Discussing your dental history with your Stuyvesant town dentist, Dr. Orenshein is vital to a correct diagnosis, as repeated dental procedures in an isolated region of your mouth can cause the area to become irritated and inflamed without proper healing between them. These inflammations can create sores, which could put that area at risk of infection.

Root Canal Specialist Stuyvesant Town
Root Canal Specialist Stuyvesant Town

When a tooth becomes infected all the way to the ends of the root, it becomes what is called an abscessed tooth. This abscess is an infected pocket of discharge that forms at the root, and causes the infection and pain you could be feeling. It is important to visit Dr. Orenshein at the first sign of infection, as prolonged abscessed teeth can cause severe swelling that begins at the jaw, and in some cases can spread through the neck, face, and all the way to your head. These severe cases can cause damage to the jaw and facial structures, so never delay in contacting our offices of Mark D. Orenshein DDS if you believe you have an abscessed tooth.

Dr. Orenshein is a specially trained Stuyvesant Town dentist who prides himself on using the latest technology in the treatment of root canals for abscessed teeth. He uses digital x-rays to scan your mouth to see how bad your abscessed tooth has become, instead of traditional x-rays. This procedure uses 80% less radiation, making it much safer for our patients. Root canals get right to the source of the problem, removing the infected pulp, decayed nerve tissues, and the bacteria causing your abscessed tooth. Often times a medication is applied to this area of the tooth to ward off any remaining infection. A local anesthetic is used to numb the area beforehand, so you never have to feel a thing. Dr. Orenshein takes pride in keeping patients comfortable, happy, and healthy. By cleaning out the source of the infection, Dr. Orenshein and his team can relieve your pain, and restore your oral health to esteemed perfection.

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