Upper West Side emergency dentist

Upper West Side Emergency Dentist

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Treating toothaches in Upper West Side

Upper West Side emergency dentist
Upper West Side emergency dentist

There is no more common dental emergency than a toothache. The pain seizes your attention and won’t let go. You want relief, and there is no reason you should have to wait to get it. At the practice of Mark D. Orenshein DDS, we make your urgent need a priority.

Different types of toothaches demand specific treatments. Although more rare, sometimes even though the pain is in your tooth, it can originate in your gums or jaws. If so, our Upper West Side emergency dentist would address the underlying problem. Fortunately, most of the time the reasons behind tooth pain are a lot simpler, being either a cavity, a loose or missing filling, which are treated with a new or replacement filling; or a chipped or cracked tooth, which are treated with a crown to cover them. There is one additional cause for a toothache, and because it is often associated with the highest degree of intense pain, it is one that is particularly urgent. It’s an infection inside your tooth, for which our Upper West Side emergency dentist will perform root canal therapy. If you are under the impression that root canal is a treatment to be afraid of, let us assure you that any negative aspects of it are in the distant past. Today, the techniques and equipment used make certain you will be comfortable. What is of greatest importance is that you don’t ignore a toothache. Never try to wait it out or be “tough,” because there is no prize for withstanding pain. There is, however, a downside, which is that a simple cavity or cracked tooth can become infected, or that an infected tooth will be beyond repair and need to be extracted.

Contact our Upper West Side emergency dentist immediately when you have a toothache. We will have you seen promptly for optimal care.

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