Upper West Side toothache

Upper West Side Toothache

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Common causes of toothaches in Upper West Side

Any toothache is a reason to seek out immediate care, which we are pleased to provide here at the office of Mark D. Orenshein DDS. There’s no need for you to suffer any longer than you absolutely have to, and the sooner you get treatment, the more likely it is that the outcome is going to be a positive one.

The common causes of an Upper West Side toothache are cavities, loose and loss fillings, chipped and cracked teeth, and infections. In all of those instances, the layers of your tooth that keep it protected have become breached, leaving the nerve exposed. Cavities, either one that has recently become an issue, or an older one whose fillings is no longer viable, can be easily remedied in a single visit. The placement of a new filling will take care of the situation. Chips and cracks are covered with a dental crown. Two sessions are typically needed: the first one to take impressions and put on a temporary crown; and the second one to replace the temporary with the permanent one. The longer your inner tooth is exposed, though, the more chance there is for bacteria to cause an infection in the pulp, which is located right next to the nerve. Your Upper West Side toothache may become more severe at that point, and swelling can occur, including the appearance of pus. Root canal therapy is the remedy required, and if done in a timely manner, there is a 90% chance of success. Thanks to modern equipment and techniques, this once feared treatment is now comfortable and free of anxiety. Most patients say they felt no pain at all, or very little.

Reach out to our office to set up a prompt appointment to have your Upper West Side toothache taken care of.

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